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SOYUZ Bank’s Contact Center now operates 24х7

Starting from 16 September 2013, the Contact Center of Joint-Stock Commercial Bank SOYUZ (Open Joint-Stock Company) operates around-the-clock. It is now accessible for customers anywhere in the country twenty four hours a day, including days-off and holidays.

The Contact Center operators can offer any consultations on the Bank’s services, provide information on individual bank card accounts and other information services, and, if required by the customer, block his/her bank card.

The Bank’s Contact Center phone numbers remain unchanged: +7 (495) 729-55-55, +7 (800) 100-33-22 (calls on +7 800 numbers from Russian regions are free of charge).



Joint-Stock Commercial Bank SOYUZ (Open Joint-Stock Company) softens requirements to borrowers’ income for consumer lending in Russian regions

The requirements to the borrower’s minimum income after taxation in all Russian regions excluding Moscow and the Moscow region have been reduced from RUB 15,000 to RUB 13,000. SOYUZ Bank issues loans within the current consumer lending line for a term of up to 5 years and an amount of up to RUB 3 million (depending on the loan product type). Holders of SOYUZ Bank payroll cards are offered a preferential treatment with a simplified application processing procedure and a reduced list of documents including an Application Form and an RF citizen passport.

Anna Ignatova, SOYUZ Bank Director for Consumer Lending and Commission Product Development says:

- The softening of the loans issuing conditions is determined by SOYUZ Bank’s readiness and interest in offering comfortable lending conditions to its customers.



SOYUZ Bank starts implementation of a state-subsidized auto lending program

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank SOYUZ (Open Joint-Stock Company) announces the launch of auto lending under the State-Subsidized Program for new car loans. The minimum loan interest is 6.5% per annum in rubles.

SOYUZ Bank has started issuing auto loans under the State-Subsidized Program for new car loans. Under this program loans are available for new passenger cars of any brand and country of manufacture with a maximum weight of 3.5 tons and a maximum value of RUB 750,000.

The minimum initial installment under the loan is 15% of the car’s value. The loan’s maximum term is 36 months. The currency of the loan is rubles. Depending on the loan product, the initial installment amount, the loan issuing term, the borrower’s category and the insurance product, the minimum interest rate is 6.5% per annum in rubles.

A car loan can be extended on the basis of two documents: an RF citizen passport and either a driver’s license or a foreign travel passport. There are no fees for loan issue or early repayment. The borrower is free not to take out a car insurance, and in this case the loan interest rate is increased by 2% per annum. The time-to-yes for a loan is 2 hours and upwards.



SOYUZ Bank amends auto loan program terms

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank SOYUZ (Open Joint-Stock Company) has considerably improved the lending terms under its Auto Loan Program. It has reduced the initial installment amount, revised the requirements to Customers and expanded the list of vehicles in its lending scheme.

SOYUZ Bank’s Auto Loan Program provides for improved requirements to customers and a broader range of products. The Bank now offers loans for purchasing B and C category commercial vehicles. The minimum initial installment of loans for new vehicles extended under the  HYPERLINK Two Documents product has been reduced from 30% to 15%. Depending on the loan product, the initial installment amount, the loan issuing term, the borrower’s category and the insurance product, the minimum interest rate is 11.4% per annum in rubles (6.5% per annum under a public subsidy program).

The program provides for an option without taking out a car insurance, in which case the interest rate on the loan is increased by 2%.

Customers may use the loan to pay for the car insurance as well as associated risks and additional options, GAP insurance, the borrower’s life and health insurance and RING and RAT vehicle service cards.

Alexei Lyubchenko, Director of SOYUZ Bank Retail Business Division:

- A wider range of motor vehicles offered on credit and liberalized requirements to borrowers will enable the Bank to approach new customer segments in order to increase its auto loan market share.



SOYUZ Bank’s Auto Loan Program is included in August car loan ТОP-10

SOYUZ Bank’s Auto Loan Program ranks the fourth among the most advantageous loan schemes for purchasing new international brand cars in August, according to a rating prepared by Banki.ru on the basis of data from official web sites and bank call centers as of 13 August 2013. Bank loan offers were rated on the assumption of a RUB 850,000 five-year loan and ranked according to the total overpayment amount, which included additional fees, if incorporated in the bank tariffs. The monthly payment amount was calculated as 50% of the average monthly income in Moscow (about RUB 50,000).

The Classic loan without an initial installment is available for 5 years with a lending rate of 14.9% per annum and upwards. A lower rate of 13.9% per annum and upwards applies to loans issued for a term from 6 months to 1 year. Holders of the Bank’s payroll cards, employees of the Bank’s partners and the Bank’s bona fide borrowers and depositors are offered a rate lower by 0.5%. The interest rate on USD and Euro loans is lower by 3 percentage points.

Automotive lending is the Bank’s priority retail business program. The new auto lending line includes a wide range of loan products meeting the requirements of the most discerning customers, says SOYUZ Bank Director, Auto Lending Development, Darya Enikova.



SOYUZ Bank starts issuing bank cards in its own processing center

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank SOYUZ (Open Joint-Stock Company) has started issuing and servicing of bank cards through its own processing center. The Bank is a principal member of Visa and MasterCard international payment systems and issues all kinds of cards supported by these payment systems.

The processing solution is realized on the basis of BPC Group SmartVista software produced by and certified by international payment systems for bank card issuing and acquiring.

“Using its own processing center the Bank will be able to optimize its plastic card servicing technologies, to offer its customers wider opportunities of using bank cards and services associated with them and remote service facilities such as ATMs, terminals, Internet banking and mobile banking, with an improvement in the customer service quality”, comments Debit Card Division Director Vladimir Kenin.

The SmartVista products to be introduced in the nearest future include 3-D Secure technology that will ensure an additional security level for on-line transactions with the use of the Bank’s credit and debit cards.



Money transfer fees changed for Soyuz Bank's car credit programs

From 05.08.2013 money transfers under Soyuz Bank's vehicle-purchasing credit programs, both between Bank offices and to outside lenders, will be free of charge.



Ekaterinburg branch of Soyuz Bank offers credit to buy new and used vehicles from partner car sellers

Bank Soyuz and leading auto dealers Uralfransavto, Britania, Avantime, Concord and Avtoban have jointly presented a loan option for purchase of new and used vehicles of all brands. This limited-time offer comes with a lowered interest rate, loans are given out on just 2 items of identification and there are no extra payments or hidden charges. As a nice bonus, clients receive a 6000 rubles-worth free maintenance inspection certificate.



SOYUZ Bank reports of LLC SOYUZ Leasing

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank SOYUZ (Open Joint-Stock Company) reports that LLC SOYUZ-leasing (OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1137746144337, INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 7743879578) operates in the market, which is consonant by name with a subsidiary of the Bank - LLC SOYUZ Leasing.

The aforementioned company is neither related to the Bank nor to its subsidiary, LLC SOYUZ Leasing.

In establishing contractual relations, please pay attention to the name of the organization (the name of the Bank’s subsidiary does not contain a hyphen between the words SOYUZ and Leasing), as well as to other details of the company.

Details of the Bank's subsidiary, LLC SOYUZ Leasing:

  • OGRN:   1077760221000
  • INN:   7707638440
  • KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code):   770701001
  • Location: room 1, office III, Bldg 1, 27 Sushchevskaya Str, 127055 Moscow
  • s/a No.  40702810700010001363 with JSCB SOYUZ, corr/a 30101810400000000122
  • at Office No. 2 of the Moscow Central Territorial Administration of the Bank of Russia, BIC 044585122



Exclusive Packages for SOYUZ Bank Visa cardholders for FIFA World Cup 2014

SOYUZ Bank Visa cardholders have a unique opportunity to buy official packages including tickets to all matches played by the Russian national team in the World Cup. Two categories of packages - Business and Economy - can be purchased in a special section at FIFA’s official website until 30 September 2013.

Each package includes tickets to matches to be played by Russia’s national team in the World Cup finals. Join the Football World Cup! Support Russia with SOYUZ Bank Visa card!

More details about promotions



SOYUZ Bank has changed interest rates on deposits in foreign currencies

SOYUZ Bank has lowered rates on individuals’ USD and Euro deposits by 1% starting from 1 July 2013. More details about conditions for individuals’ deposits at the SOYUZ outlets in Moscow, regional branch centres and branches can be found at the corporate website, the ‘Deposits’ section



SOYUZ Bank starts a promotion for Visa payment system cards

You can register at the Visa promotion page any day when the promotion is valid. All transactions made by the card within the promotion period will be taken into account as made by the participants. The promotion period runs from 1 July to 31 August 2013.

Second level promotional prizes include: 700 travel bags,a trendy and convenient accessory that allows keeping all documents required for travelling in good order: tickets, vouchers, booking confirmations, timetables, insurance policies, etc.

The winners will be announced on 15 October 2013. Pay with Visa abroad as often as possible from 1 July to 31 August 2013 and stand a chance to win the prize.

About Soyuz Bank

JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) (http://banksoyuz.ru) was founded in 1993 as OJSC JSCB Ingosstrakh-Soyuz.In 2003 Avtogazbank, Sibregionbank and People’s Savings Bank joined JSCB Ingosstrakh-Soyuz: The key shareholder is Ingosstrakh Open Insurance Joint-Stock Company (99.99% of shares). As of 1 January 2013, the bank’s authorized capital stock equalled RUB 5 billion, the bank’s assets amounted to RUB 101 to 130.05 billion and the equity capital - to RUB 12.3 billion. This is one of the Russia’s top banks. It ranked 33rd in the 100 Most Reliable Russian Banks rating list published by the Profile Magazine as of 1 April 2012. Soyuz Bank has been rated as ‘B’ on international scale, with a stable outlook, and ‘ruA’- on the national scale by Standard&Poor’s, an international rating agency. The regional network includes 40 retail outlets in the biggest Russian cities. The major lines of business are retail, corporate and investment banking. The bank is the biggest organiser and underwriter in the Rouble corporate and municipal bond market.

About Visa

Visa (http://visa.com.ru) is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, banks and governments in more than 200 countries and territories, enabling them to use a fast, secure and reliable electronic payments network. Electronic payments are made with one of the world’s most advanced processing networks VisaNet. It is capable of handling more than 24,000 transactions per second. It ensures fraud protection for consumers and guaranteed payment for merchants. Visa is not a bank, it does not issue debit cards, set rates and fees for consumers or issue loans for cardholders. Visa’s innovations, however, enable its bank customers to offer consumers more choices: Pay now with debit, ahead of time with prepaid or later with credit products.

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SOYUZ has improved conditions for issue of mortgage loans.

Starting from 1 July 2013, SOYUZ has introduced an updated line of mortgage products. Crediting periods have been increased to 25 years, the initial installment for purchase of an apartment at both the secondary or primary housing markets has been decreased to 15%, one-time charge for using mortgage loans has been canceled, requirements for borrowers against mortgage programmes have been simplified.

For instance, requirements with regard to the borrower’s registration in the bank’s operations area and continuous employment have been abolished. From now on, the borrowers can submit their requests if their employment is at least one year long and any breaks in employment do not exceed 60 calendar days. Requirements with regard to the borrower’s salary in case of mortgage loans have also been reduced. This will significantly increase attractiveness of the bank’s mortgage programmes.

Mortgage loansare one of priority products in the bank’s retail credit line,’ says Aleksey Lyubchenko, the Director of Retail Business Department at JSCB Soyuz. ‘The bank’s mortgage portfolio currently amounts to 13.4 billion Roubles. Modifications that have been made are aimed at expansion of the bank’s operation in this market segment. Our plans include considerable increase of the mortgage loan portfolio.’



JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) notifies that the Nakhimovsky Prospect Outlet located at 3 Azovskaya, Moscow 117638, will be closed after 22 July 2013.

Dear Clients, Please note that the Nakhimovsky Prospect Outlet located at 3 Azovskaya, Moscow 117638, will be closed as of 22 July 2013. Its last working day is 22 July 2013 until 1 p.m. You can use any other SOYUZ Bank outlet.

The full list of outlets can be found in the section Bank’s Offices and Branches in Moscow.



JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) jointly with official Hyundai dealers has launched a special promotion in Krasnoyarsk.

JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) has offered special conditions to clients who buy a car on credit in Krasnoyarsk – free of charge service and a lower interest rate. The programme has been developed jointly with official Hyundai dealers in Krasnoyarsk - Medved-SeverAuto and Hyundai-Centre Krasnoyarsk, that belong within the Medved Holding group.

This special offer is valid for Hyundai i40, Hyundai i30 and Hyundai Santa Fe lineup bought under the SOYUZ Bank Auto Loan Programme. The bank will provide the clients buying the car with a certificate for first service free of charge and the interest rate for the loan 1% lower. The bank’s partners for this promotion also offer a 75,000 Roubles discount for Hyundai i30. The promotion is valid until 31 July 2013.

Only two documents are required from the clients - their RF passport and driver’s license - for SOYUZ Bank to consider their credit request under this promotion.

‘The Hyundai brand is one of the most popular in Russia. Our clients have got an opportunity not only to raise a credit at a preferential rate valid in the framework of the promotion but also to receive first service free of charge as a present,’ says Darya Enikova, Director for the Auto Loan Direction at SOYUZ Bank. ‘Joint programmes with the dealers demonstrate the Bank’s orientation to long-term relations with our strategically important partners.’



JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) has updated the cash loan line

SOYUZ Bank has introduced new beneficial conditions for the Corporate+, Required Moneyand Required Money for Loyal Customers lending products under the Cash Loan Programme. One-time drawdown charges have been cancelled, and a service enabling the borrowers to join the Life & Health Insurance Programme has been introduced throughout Russia.

Loans have just now become even more accessible - the interest rate on the Corporate+ cash loan is 17% per annum on condition that life and health have been insured. 

‘Modifications to cash lending conditions are aiming at improving loan issue conditions in general and facilitating the lending procedure,’ noted Albert Zvezdochkin, Director for the Retail Product Centre.

A possibility to obtain a credit without a guarantor, a pledge or a fee, just with your passport and a questionnaire should be mentioned among the advantages of loan issues by the bank. Any client can be given a Visa card to be able to repay a credit without queues in any SOYUZ Bank ATM (with a cash deposit function).



JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) notifies our clients of a special offer for premium MasterCard® cardholders valid in the Ginza Project network restaurants

When paying the bill at the Ginza Project network restaurants with Gold MasterCard® and higher grade Master cards from 1 June to 31 August 2013, you will receive a refreshing dessert as a present from SOYUZ Bank and MasterCard.   

The following restaurants participate in the promotion: Sixty, Dom Carlo, Piccolino, Maxim Bar, The Sad, Carlsson, Tinatin, Black Berry, Elardji, Balcon, Bono, Ponton, Shaika-Leika, Rybka, Tsytsylla, Dom Rybaka, Olivkovyi Plyazh, Pryanosti i Radosti. 

To find more about the promotion, visit www.pricelessmoscow.ru



The JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) Depositary advises that a new version of the Conditions of Depositary Activities of the JSCB SOYUZ Depositary was established by Order No. 288 dated 05 June 2013.

The JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) Depositary advises that a new version of the Conditions of Depositary Activities of the JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) Depositary was established by Order No. 288 dated 05 June 2013. Alterations to the Conditions of Depositary Activities were made due to the changes to the Individual’s Questionnaire format. In compliance with the abovementioned Order, the Conditions of Depositary Activities will enter into force on 1 July 2013. The full text of the Conditions of Depositary Activities of the JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) Depositary can be found in the Custody Service section.



Opening hours of the JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) Nakhimovsky Prospect Outlet have been changed

Opening hours of the JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) Nakhimovsky Prospect Outlet:
  • Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Closed: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays as established by RF Law.
The JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) Nakhimovsky Prospect Outlet is open to individuals:
  • Monday - Friday 9.30 a.m.- 5.30 p.m.
  • Closed: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays as established by RF Law.
The JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) Nakhimovsky Prospect Outlet is open to individuals:
  • Monday - Thursday 9.30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Friday 9.30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Closed: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays as established by RF Law.



Win a car with SOYUZ Bank Visa card at Coffee House

The Coffee House network cafés offer the SOYUZ Bank holders of VISA Electron and VISA Classic cards a 5% discount, VISA Gold cardholders - a 10% discount and to VISA Platinum and Visa Infinite cardholders - a 15% discount.  The promotion is valid until 4 September 2013 The promotion takes place in four Russian cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. A Smart Fortwo can be won in the promotion. Discounts do not apply to special price programmes - breakfasts, lunches, brunches etc. Discounts are neither summed up with the second cup of coffee for free flyers nor with discounts against other cards.

Let us remind that SOYUZ Bank issues cards of the world’s leading payment systems: VISA International and MasterСard Worldwide They all differ with regard to service conditions, possibilities and privileges obtained by the cardholder as well as a package of additional services. In compliance with various needs and financial possibilities of clients, plastic cards include various categories from simple electronic cards available to the majority, to prestige premium class cards that guarantee a high service level for VIP clients.

More details about promotions



JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) announces the nomination of the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

30 May 2013, Moscow - JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) announces the nomination of the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board. Since 27 May, this position is held by Dmitry Ishchenko.

The JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) Supervisory Board decided to appoint Dmitry Ishchenko as the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board who will be responsible for development of the retail banking.

Dmitry Ishchenko’s experience of work in the banking area is over 15 years. He was employed with CJSC Deltabank from 2000 to 2005. Being the Senior Vice-President at Alfa-Bank (2005-2007) he was responsible for introduction of banking products. Between 2007 and 2009 he held the position of the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development. From 2009 to 2012 he was employed at JSCB Rosbank (Société Générale Group) as the Director of Marketing and Banking Products Division.

He joined SOYUZ Bank in early December last year. Until this appointment he held a position of a Managing Director for Retail Business.

Alexander Grigoriev, General Director, OIJSC Ingosstrakh:

‘Ambitious goals have been set by Soyuz Bank with regard to retail business development, including implementation of projects and programmes jointly with OIJSC Ingosstrakh. We are positive that Dmitry Ishchenko’s successful experience and managerial abilities will help achieve them.’



JSCB Soyuz became a member of AHML mortgage lending incentive initiative

Moscow, 22 May 2013, - JSCB Soyuz has been included in the list of authorized banks in the mortgage lending incentive program, implemented by the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML).

JSCB Soyuz became a participant of the AHML Stimulus program aimed at stimulating lending (loans issuing) for the construction and acquisition of housing. Vneshekonombank allocated 40 billion roubles for its implementation. The initiative was launched in 2010, and will run at least until the end of 2013. Today there are 75 banks participating in the program. The initiative covers housing construction projects that can be put into operation before 31 December 2015.

Currently, Soyuz is selecting developers and housing construction projects to cooperate under the Stimulus program. The initiative has involved 74 major Russian banks, including Gazprombank, MDM, Promsvyazbank, etc. The total funding for projects under construction (including VEB’s funds) has already amounted to more than 60 billion rubles. Since 2010, 2.2 million sq. m of residential premises have been commissioned under the Stimulus program. In total, the program have included 266 housing construction projects, total area: 6.2 million sq. m. Presently, 45 projects in 25 Russian regions are pending before AHML totaling more than 11.7 billion rubles, with residential premises construction area of 0.68 million sq. m in total.

The AHML Stimulus program is designed to reduce the individuals’ costs of purchase and construction of housing under mortgage programs, and to reduce the risks of real estate developers and banks implementing these projects. A procedure for redemption of unsold housing is also introduced within the initiative, where the sale may be secured by regional AHML operators, the RHD Foundation, and the developers themselves. Such a measure is also aimed to minimize the risks for entities participating in the initiative.

In accordance with the general provisions of the program, the combined use of its tools is designed to ensure the increase in the liquidity of long-term assets, to provide confidence by protecting against interest rate risks, to help organize funding for the construction and mortgage programs implementation period, as well as to form the basis for maturity and repayment of loans to developers.

Oleg Mozgunov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSCB Soyuz:

- Our bank’s joining the AHML Stimulus program shows the confidence of the public authorities in Soyuz while implementing the initiative to improve housing availability in Russia. We believe that participation in this program will allow us to expand the range of banking services and provide an opportunity to minimize the risks and costs associated with mortgage products offered by the bank.

About AHML

OJSC Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML, www.ahml.ru) was established in 1997 by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. 100% of shares owned by the State represented by the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management (Rosimushchestvo). The main objective is implementation of the state policy to increase the availability of housing for the Russian population. 



Soyuz Bankand Visa welcome you at the 2013 Museum Night!

SOYUZ Bankand the Visa payment system grant Visa Gold and Visa Platinum holders the privilege of a no-queue entry to 15 most popular Moscow museums. Moreover, premium Visa card holders will be able to enter 5 museums requiring entrance and excursion fees not only without standing in queues but also without having to pay fees.

The Museum Night will be organized in Moscow, on 18 May 2013.

To enjoy this special privilege, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum holders have only to show their premium cards at the counter “Visa to the museum. The world of VISA privileges.” The promotional staff members will let YOU in the museum skipping the queues. Every premium VISA card allows “+1” entry.

Read more

The list of museumsand admission terms are available at www.museumnight.ru, the “Visa to the museum” section.



Summer Comfort Action

From 29 April Soyuz Bank launches the Summer Comfort action for its depositors. The action shall be valid until 31 August 2013.
As part of the action, depositors shall be offered convenient Summer Comfort deposits. This type of deposits allows replenishing and debiting accounts during the entire deposit term. At the depositor’s option, interest on the deposit may be credited to the current account, call account, bank card account or deposit account, on a monthly basis or at the end of the deposit term.
‘The Summer Comfort deposit helps you not only save your money but also manage it on beneficial terms. Alongside launching the action, the bank changed the terms of the basic line of deposits for individuals, considering preferences of the bank’s clients and changes in this retail segment,’ commented Albert Zvyozdochkin, Head of the Retail Banking Products Development Center.



A Swindler Detained at Soyuz Bank

On 24 April 2013, in collaboration with the employees of the Bank’s Asset Protection Division, police officers detained in SOYUZ Bank’s subsidiary office in Moscow a woman who tried to obtain a loan presenting forged documents.

During the verification of the documents submitted with the loan application it was reveled that the declared information did not correspond to the real state of things. The bank’s officers called the police.

‘In collaboration with law enforcement officers, our Service worked out a plan to detain the alleged criminal. Police officers detained the suspected woman when she was receiving the loan funds,’ explained Oleg Kosarev, Deputy Director of the Asset Protection Division.

A criminal case under Article 159.1 of the RF Criminal Code (fraud in the loan issue) has been initiated with respect to the detained woman.

This is not the first case when the Bank’s employees impede malicious acts in collaboration with law enforcement authorities. Activities aimed at identifying and detaining fraudsters are continuously carried out; as a result, such “clients” become persons involved in criminal cases.



The 20th Anniversary of Soyuz Bank

On 23 April 2013, Joint-Stock Commercial Soyuz Bank will celebrate its 20th anniversary. The bank will meet this date in a new capacity: with a new development strategy and a renewed composition of the Management Board, having overcome a series of challenges and having worked its way up from a small commercial bank to a universal financial institution ranking among one hundred largest Russian banks. While operating on the Russian market, Soyuz Bank has gained the reputation of a reliable, dynamically growing client-oriented financial and credit organization.

JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) (formerly, OJSC JSCB Ingosstrakh-Soyuz) was founded in 1993. In 2003 three other banks joined JSCB Ingosstrakh-Soyuz: Avtogazbank, Sibregionbank and People’s Savings Bank. At present, the Bank’s shareholder is OJSIC Ingosstrakh holding almost 100% of shares. 

2013 has become a new starting point for the bank to achieve high financial performance and extend the range of clients. An extensive client base, a diversified asset structure, a wide range of banking services offered to individual and corporate clients, a multi-branch network allow making extensive plans for the future. Today Soyuz Bank is a successful universal commercial bank. According to independent rating and information and analytical agencies, SOYUZ Bank steadily ranks among the largest Russian banks.

Soyuzhas a developed credit history in the public financial market. As of 1 January 2013, the bank’s authorized capital equaled RUB 5.0 billion, the bank’s assets amounted to RUB 71.7 billion and the equity capital - to RUB 12.3 billion. Throughout its existence, the bank has proved to be a stable and reliable partner in the market of corporate, trade and factoring finance for large corporate clients and well-known companies such as: Hyundai Com Trans Rus, Luding, Korea Motor, RUSAL Group, Rospechat, Agricultural Union “Kuban,” Aviakor – Aviation Plant, OJSIC Ingosstrakh, Russian Machines, Irkutskenergo, Krasnoyarsk Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Sochi International Airport.

The bank’s management team and employees sincerely thank all clients and partners, without whom it would be impossible to achieve high business results, for their confidence in the bank and congratulate all of them on this event. 



Bank Soyuz Russia National Scale Rating Raised To 'ruBBB'; Global Ratings Affirmed; Outlook Stable

  • Russia-based Bank Soyuz remains under "financial recovery" status and under the management of the Russian government's State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA).
  • The bank's stand-alone credit profile benefits from substantial ongoing explicit financial support from the DIA, mainly in the form of funding and capital injections.
  • We are affirming the 'B-' long-term and 'C' short-term counterparty credit ratings on the bank, while raising the Russia national scale rating to 'ruBBB' from 'ruBBB-'.
  • The stable outlook reflects our expectation that the DIA will continue to provide funding support to Bank Soyuz.

MOSCOW (Standard & Poor's) Sept. 27, 2010--Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said today that it had raised its Russia national scale rating on to 'ruBBB' from 'ruBBB-' and affirmed its 'B-' long-term and 'C' short-term counterparty credit ratings. The outlook is stable.

More details here



Regarding new arrangements for the financial recovery of the Bank “SOYUZ”

State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) announces the beginning of additional arrangements to strengthen the financial stability of the Bank “SOYUZ” implementation.

Actions taken in 2009 for financial recovery of the Bank have ensured uninterrupted corporate and private clients’ payments processing and fulfillment of Bank’s obligations and considerably reduced administrative costs. Thereby effective functioning of the Bank’s executives made possible the stabilization of the day-to-day operation of the Bank.

The recapitalization of the Bank is scheduled for the first quarter of 2010. There will be reduction of the registered capital due to additional provisioning, followed by an emission of new shares in order to increase the registered capital of the Bank. After placement of the additional issue under private subscription the registered capital will be formed anew and will reach 5 bn. rubles. The controlling stock (50% of additional issue + 1 share) will be owned by DIA, the rest – by OJSIC Ingosstrakh. In addition DIA will grant the Bank a subordinated debt for 5 years in the amount of 5 bn. rubles towards earlier provided funds and within the first quarter of 2010 will buy a part of long-term investment assets of the Bank for the amount of up to 20 bn. rubles towards some of the earlier (in 2009) provided funds. As a result the equity (total capital) of the Bank as of the end of the first quarter of 2010 will reach 7,5 bn. rubles.

In accordance with the Federal Law of Russian Federation № 175-FZ from 27.10.2008 “On additional Measures to Strengthen the Stability of the Banking System through December 31, 2011” DIA has submitted to the Bank of Russia application to entrust DIA with the functions of a temporary administrator for the Bank “SOYUZ”. The appointment of the temporary administration is a measure aimed at the acceleration of the process of recapitalization in accordance with the new shareholding structure and composition. In accordance with the legislation the authority of the present executive bodies will be suspended for this period. After the increase of the registered capital the authority of the present executive bodies will be restored in full and the authority of the temporary administration will be ceased.

During the functioning of the temporary administration there will be no changes in the operation of the Bank. All clients and depositors will be able to use services provided by the Bank, including effecting payments, receiving and depositing funds, obtaining loans within opened credit lines on the agreed conditions.

The implementation of the additional arrangements will create conditions for the development of the Bank “SOYUZ” as a universal bank, working on the principles common for all the banks.



Bank SOYUZ fulfilled its obligations under put option in the event of change of control in respect of the USD 125 000 000 9.375 per cent. Loan Participation Notes due 2010

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Notes on June 11, 2009 transferred funds for the redemption at option of the noteholders of a part of the Notes issued on February 16, 2007.

Holders exercised the put option in the amount of USD 101 531 000 from the total amount of initially issued securities of USD 125 000 000. Notes were redeemed at 101 per cent. of its principal amount together with accrued interest.

The outstanding amount of the issue due on 16th of February 2010 is USD 23 469 000 or 19% of the initial issue.

This redemption at option once again confirmed the creditworthiness of the Bank SOYUZ and shown significant loyalty of investors in respect of the Bank, which is even more valuable under circumstances of unwrapping crisis.



The sale of the controlling stake in Bank «SOYUZ» is completed

OJSC «Gazpromregiongaz» and LLC «Basic Element» Company» announce the completion of the deal as a result of which CJSC «Gazfinance» (100% subsidiary of OJSC «Gazpromregiongaz») has acquired 75% stake in «Bank SOYUZ».

OJSC «Gazpromregiongaz» was formed on October 1, 2004 in order to consolidate gas distribution assets of the Group of companies Gazprom, following the adoption of the concept of consolidation of OJSC «Gazprom» assets in the field of gas distribution. The abovementioned concept was approved by the Resolution № 31 of the Executive Board of OJSC «Gazprom» dated May 24, 2004. Founders of OJSC «Gazpromregiongaz» are LLC «Mezhregiongaz» (holds a 99 % stake in the authorized capital) and LLC «Gazprom transgaz Sankt-Petersburg» (contributed 1% of the authorized capital), both 100% subsidiaries of OJSC «Gazprom». LLC «Mezhregiongaz» is a specialized interregional gas trade company and LLC «Gazprom transgaz Sankt-Petersburg» is a specialized main gas transportation company.



Bank Soyuz has paid back $50 mln syndicated loan

Bank Soyuz has fully repaid a $50 mln syndicated loan it raised in September, 2007. The transaction was arranged by Commerzbank AG, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG, Raiffeisenbank Austria and Standard Bank Plc.
The Facility, which paid a margin of 1.9% per annum over LIBOR and had the tenor of 364 days was used for general financial purposes. 
The transaction, which was initially launched into syndication at USD 40 mln. was well received in the market and closed oversubscribed.

The syndicate was formed by the following banks:

Mandated Lead Arrangers:
Commerzbank AG
RZB Group
Standard Bank Plc.

Lead Arrangers:
VTB Bank (Austria)
Black Sea Trade & Development Bank
Landesbank Berlin

AKA Ausfuhrkredit
N.V. DE INDONEZISCHE OVERZEESE Bank (The Indonesian Overseas Bank), Hamburg
Branch Oberbank AG

About Bank


JSCB SOYUZ (OJSC) is a universal commercial bank, founded in 1993. After three other banks joined JSCB Ingosstrakh-Soyuz (OJSC) in 2003 it was renamed JSCB SOYUZ.

Independent rating agencies and news agencies include SOYUZ Bank in the list of 40 largest banks in Russia. According to the “Profil” magazine (№20 (671) from 31.05.2010), as of 01.04.2010 Bank SOYUZ is on the 29th place in the list of the most reliable among the top 100 Russian banks. By 01.01.2011 the Bank’s authorized capital made up 5,0 billion rubles; assets amounted to 130,34 billion rubles.

Regional network includes 40 points of sale and covers the main industrial and cultural centers of Russia: St Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi, Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tomsk, Tumen. Moscow has 11 operating offices.

IFRS audit of SOYUZ financial statements is performed by CJSC Deloitte & Touche CIS.

The main businesses are retail, corporate and investment banking, and services for wealthy private customers.

SOYUZ Bank has been registered for obligatory insurance of retail deposits. It was among the first banks authorized by the State Corporation “Deposit Insurance Agency” to effect payments to depositors of bankrupt banks. 

The Bank has proved its worth in the market of corporate, trade and factoring financing. The largest corporate customers include: “Hyundai Com Trans Rus”, LLC “Luding”, LLC “Korea Motor”, RUSAL Group, OJSC Agency “Rospechat”, OJSC “Agricultural Union “Kuban”, OJSC “Aviakor – aircraft plant”, IJSC “Ingosstrakh”, OJSC “Russian Machines”, OJSC “Irkutskenergo”, OJSC “Krasnoyarsk Hydro-Power Station”, OJSC “Sochi International Airport”.

It has become traditional to see rapid development of the investment business. SOYUZ Bank has an established credit record in the public financial market. After the debut 1 billion ruble issue of bonds in April 2005 the Bank continued borrowing in 2006 and placed its second issue for 2 billion rubles. At the end of 2007 the third bond issue for 2 billion rubles was registered. In 2008 SOYUZ Bank fully placed its bonds of the fourth issue, for 3 billion rubles.

In August 2005 SOYUZ Bank securitized a 49.8 million USD car loans portfolio, which was the first deal of the kind at the Russian financial market. In 2006 SOYUZ raised 164 million USD through a syndicated loan facility and the debut Eurobond issue, and 50 million USD through a syndicated loan facility in 2007.

SOYUZ Bank is a leading arranger and underwriter in the market of corporate and municipal ruble bonds.